Big and Fast Data Storage

We will work with you to show alternative solutions for your Big Data applications.

  • Is your data center meeting your needs?
  • Are your tools working at scale like they did when you first bought them?
  • Can your users run their ad-hoc searches without limitations?
  • Do you need an edge and cloud combination?
  • Is cloud your future?

Splunk Cluster Sizing

 We will work with you to show what is possible.

  • Do you need more hardware?
  • Do you need better hardware?
  • Do you need a whole new approach?

Paladian Data can architect a Splunk cluster to fit your data size (retention time) and indexing rate (TB/day) in minutes and we can promise you to meet the expectations with regards to your data completion times. Avoid months of performance tuning and expensive professional services.

Professional/Splunk Services for Big Data Applications

Do you need more or better storage for next generation big data applications?

White Papers

Resources to help you build faster storage solutions. Describes the benefits with ADS1000.