Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ADS1000 storage faster than the Splunk competition?

The ADS1000 architecture benefits from the built in storage management features of modern servers (x86) and the NVMe technology to allow a server to handle PBs of storage per server, without adding more than a few us (microseconds) to a transaction. With NVMe devices like the Intel Optane this low protocol overhead latency is a must! None of the competitors have a solution with an overhead protocol latency lower than 15us-25us, which is an order of magnitude higher than the ADS1000.

In scale-out applications with multiple threads every microsecond affects your performance. Our performance allows you to get the best server utilization in the industry enabling dramatically less resources.

How long does it take to setup a Splunk Cluster with your storage?

Paladian Data can setup a Splunk cluster solution for you in a matter of hours. If you have the data stream and index details, we can deliver the storage solution and servers you need to meet your current and your future needs very quickly.

The cluster sizing to achieve good performance for your indexing rate and your data retention, while considering your completion time requirements, can literally be done in minutes. We do this with very predictable results up to 10TB/day or higher. Don't let others tell you this is not possible or you will not know until the cluster is set up.