Splunk Enterprise

We will help you set up and maintain your Splunk Enterprise cluster using an on-site solution with the absolute best Splunk performance.

Are you having issues adding ES (Enterprise Security), ITSI (Splunk IT Service Intelligence) and/or UBA (User Behavior Analytics) to your current Splunk Enterprise cluster, then we can help you enable those capabilities by adding better storage, and helping improve the overall performance at the same time. If your cluster ingests 1TB/day or more we can deliver the highest performing cluster with the lowest TCO in the market. If your cluster is currently licensed for 1TB/day, but you are planning to grow to 5TB/day, then we can show you a solution which can support 5TB/day and 365days of retention  in less than one half rack.

Splunk SmartStore

We will work with you to optimize the cache layer settings for your ultimate SmartStore experience. We will help you create an on-site SmartStore solution if your cloud provider doesn't deliver what you need or want.

Carbon Black

We will show how the performance for your Carbon Black cluster can be increased. Do you need to support more than 500k endpoints in one cluster, then we have the  solution you need.


When you want to move from simply keeping your data in HDFS data lakes to actively making use of your dark data running federated searches Paladian will help you improve your performance beyond what you think is possible while reducing the TCO.


If you have a scale-out application (Aerospike, Couchbase, MariaDB, MongoDB, etc.) which needs better performance or if you just need to grow much bigger, then we will show you how to increase the performance while reducing your TCO.