The Splunk NVMe Solution

The Splunk NVMe Solution

The Splunk NVMe SolutionThe Splunk NVMe SolutionThe Splunk NVMe Solution

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Paladian Data

Our Focus

The ADS1000 is the highest performing NVMe solution in the market place. The architecture is directly optimized to fully utilize the next generation of storage (NVMe) so your applications can deliver on all their promises. With the Paladian (fka Apeiron) solution the typical I/O bottlenecks are removed as a limiting factor. Our NVMe flash array delivers 20M IOPS and 80GB/s in two rack units, and soon moving to 40M IOPS and 160GB/s. The architecture is 100% linearly scalable to PBs of storage without any compromising storage controllers, nor additional protocol latency.

For applications like Splunk we can deliver solutions with 10x-100x more performance while reducing the TCO over 50%.


Your company will get the latest storage technology, with all its benefits, including better performance, less maintenance, less power, smaller footprint, and higher reliability.

We will help you upgrade your systems with the highest performing NVMe solutions to meet your critical applications' storage needs.

Your users will be amazed at how much faster their queries run and how much more insight they gain from their data.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Request a proof of concept cluster for your specific Big Data application, and we will show you how you can improve the application performance while saving on the cost of ownership.